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"Teaching kids to love the game while creating better student athletes"


Is UUYF a travel league?

 Yes, our league travels but not exclusively. Travel football is extremely beneficial for kids. It provides competition against a higher caliber of opponent. We have made a conscious effort to schedule our youth games with the very talent that they will be facing in high school. As such, half of our games are away games that we travel to and half of our games are home games held in town. To level the playing field later and especially for those players who are looking to convert their hard work into an athletic scholarship to college, traveling beyond our immediate community is an absolute must.

Do I need to provide my own equipment?

Equipment is provided by the league. This includes shoulder pads, pants and pads, a helmet, chin strap and jersey. The jersey is for the
player to keep at the end of the season. The rest of the equipment is returned to the league at the end of the season. We do, however, require an equipment deposit to cover equipment that is not returned. 

How often is practice?

While the practice schedule is up to the coaches, a typical week usually consists of 3-4 practices and a game. One of these practices is classroom work where players study play books, positions and learn to read films. Also, because maintaining good grades in school is a requirement for play time, if a player needs academic tutoring or homework help, it takes place during classroom practice.

Is tutoring available?

Yes. We offer free, year-round academic tutoring with a licensed educator to all of our participants. We believe that academic achievement is one of the few vehicles to success that is attainable by everyone with enough hard work. While academic talent may not come natural to everyone, we are here to help all of our participants develop a mindset geared at academic achievement and to support our players to ensure their success as they work toward being promoted to the high school program and beyond where academic achievement is a requirement.

I'd like to be involved at the administrative level. What can I do?

We are ALWAYS looking to add people to our football family. If you are motivated to help young people achieve great things we want you to be a part of our program! Shoot us an email via the contact link or at info@uuyfc and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Is Utah United Youth Football, Inc. a nonprofit organization?

We are extremely proud to say that we are, in fact, a federally recognized nonprofit organization! Our goal is to give back to our youth and our community tenfold. We do this through scholarships, leadership programs, community service and community outreach. All of our league administrators are volunteers who truly believe in the good and the power of giving, family, community and our kids!